Zooming ahead with a new approach

We love to be an orchestra, but you know, it just doesn’t work on zoom. We’ve been doing various recording projects that are GREAT and have stretched us in so many different ways, but we are not aiming to be the next on stage at the Royal Albert Hall, and to keep the balance of fun and work in check we’re taking a new approach.

Yes, we are still recording the Simon & Garfunkel medley arranged by our very own Mark (trombone), and we are still meeting regularly (on zoom) but we are not meeting to rehearse…

We’re chatting! and checking up on one another 🙂 Life has gotten slightly weird, and it’s time to put the fun back into it, in new at-a-distance and online ways.

We are meeting every Wednesday on Zoom at the normal time of 7:00 pm and we chat! This week we decided to add a musical task! We are going to have a ‘Composer of the Week’ and people are invited to find out something about the composer, the music, the private life, the harmony… whatever takes your fancy and then share with the group in the next session. YAY! A PROJECT!!!!

If you’d like to ‘claim’ a topic please leave a comment! Or if you have something you would particularly like to have researched, leave that as a comment too!

Wednesday 13 May we’ll be talking about Vaughan Williams (as well as cats, baking, gardens, and anything else that comes to mind) If you would like to join us, you can message Laura via this website and you’ll be very welcomed!


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