We’re back to making music!

It’s August 2021 and the past *cough* few months have been more than hard on everyone for so many reasons. Not having the chance to make music together is certainly one.

So it comes as no surprise that when August rolled around and we were allowed to rehearse again we absolutely jumped at the chance, and have been having a blast! Last week, I came straight from the graduation ceremony. The university kindly hires my academic dress and as the ceremony was in the early evening and there were lots of ceremonies (because of social distancing) I was allowed to come straight to our rehearsal … in my gown! My outfit (PhD from the Royal College of Music) is particularly gorgeous… and the orchestra suggested (cheekily!) that I conduct Harry Potter in it… !

Here’s what happened, all edited down to a 1 min clip., Enjoy!

and ps if you play an instrument and would like to join in the no pressure, play what you want and can, and come when you want to fun – you are most welcome! Laura x

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