Ku’u Pua I Paokalani

Here is our virtual piece! (for the intro to the project, please see my earlier post HERE)

I love that it was written by Queen Liliuokalani (from Hawaii) and as an orchestra we are very grateful to Duane Padilla for making the string quartet arrangement, and for letting me arrange the parts for you!

Here is the LINK TO THE PARTS on dropbox.

I know everyone has different access to online facilities at home. You can record via a phone, and I am very happy to have either video or audio. I would LOVE to have everyone be a part of this, and you DO NOT need to feel pressured to play everything perfectly. 🙂 If you can set up a metronome to flash at 90 that will help us all to stay together.

If you do not want to be ‘seen’ in the recording, you can send an audio, but could everyone send a picture of themselves or of your instrument?

My plan is to print and put up all the pictures and to conduct you! 🙂 Then I can video me, and ‘drop’ in various images or videos of you playing to create a dynamic performance. …that’s the idea anyhow! I’ll mix all the sound together.

If you have a phone, you shouldn’t need a fancy microphone. Most modern phones/tablets actually have pretty good mics!

Below is the video from Duane for Dorothy about how to do the percussion. I can’t wait to make this happen!

Please can you send me your contributions by FRIDAY 27 March.

(nothing like some homework!?) 😀

Laura x

and here’s a picture of an Ipu (traditional gourd)

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