COVID-19 an enforced break from rehearsals…

Dear Wonderful Orchestra,

I realise that I am jumping the curve slightly, as the NHS advice is not yet to cancel anything, but I have a duty of care to you all and am cancelling rehearsals at least until after Easter.

As an ensemble we are all in quite close proximity to one another, breathing down our instruments, and there is just too much risk. I will (pinky promise) post some of the audio from our rehearsals on this website, and both here and on the chat groups I am sure we can keep in touch with one another! This is not goodbye, just a bit of sensible social distancing to keep us all safe. (the picture is how much distance we should have between people 😉 )

I admit to feeling more than a few pangs of ‘oh I wish we didn’t have to’ as I write this, but really we do have to.

I’m always on the end of an email.


(ECCO Conductor)

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