Playing the tunes!

We’re back in full swing and having a blast! Here are some of the recent tunes from our rehearsals.

If you don’t know about us, you might think … oooh, that’s not perfect… and you would be right! THAT’S NOT THE POINT! They are not meant to be polished performances. We’re in it to have fun and to do our best making great music in the process.

So much of life is full of pressure to perform correctly when actually we’re all on this amazing journey sort of together. Our rehearsals are a time when we can each do our own thing – playing our part – and be in it together as well. One of our members said:

I wanted to say a very special thank you to you for setting up and keeping this orchestra going. I joined about 4 years ago as I was a late learner. The orchestra provided me with the opportunity to extend my playing and learn to play with others. It was a big step, made so much easier by the friendly folk at ECCO and your encouragement and enthusiasm.  This all enabled me be sufficiently relaxed to get to begin to grips with orchestral playing. I found that your passion and energy inspiring, and infectious.

I hope you enjoy the recording, and if you play an instrument we would love to welcome you to our group!

Diadem, an unknown gem! …and we might just be the first group to record it!

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