September Start Date

Has it only been two weeks since our concert? Amazing how time goes so fast and slow in the summer. Our final concert for the semester was on July 11th and despite being the same night as the England match in the World Cup, we had a full house. It really sounded good and there is always such a sense of genuine collaboration and community – I cannot overstate the improvement that took place every single week, and even at the concert itself. It came together and all the nuance was there – dynamics, pauses, changing (metaphorical) gears between pieces. It was a pleasure to be a part of it.

Now we have a break and we resume on

Wednesday, September 12th


in the Music Block at the University of Chichester.

It will be an even bigger group! We’ve already had a few inquiries from new people to join and that gets a big Hooray! from me! possibly a tuba, viola, violin, and oboe/sax player. 🙂 Maybe you have musical friends who would like to join us too… they can always get in touch.

I’ll make contact with everyone at the beginning of September to distribute music in advance for those who would like it. In the meantime, have a lovely summer!

Laura Ritchie (ECCO Director)

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